Men's Health Month

If you follow our Facebook page, you’ve probably seen a post or two about June being Men’s Health Month. Men’s Health Month is a national celebration where screenings, health fairs, and outreach activities occur to raise awareness of preventable health issues for men.

This observance also exists to encourage men and young boys to seek treatment for disease and illness. As always, the Grafton-Taylor County Health Department is supportive of health-related observances and educating the public, so this week I’m going to dive into some statistics about men’s health we should all be aware of.

Let’s start with the statistics. Did you know that women are 100% more likely to visit their doctor for an annual exam and/or preventative services? You read that right. 100% MORE likely to visit the doctor! Crazy, right? That being said, I wasn’t shocked to learn that men die at higher rates AND earlier than women. The CDC reports that on average, men die almost five years earlier than women. That’s half a decade!

We all know that refusal to visit the doctor can lead to serious problems down the road. So why are men avoiding the doctor? It’s not uncommon to hear a man admit that they only came for a check-up because the woman in their life told them to. (What would men do without us?) I get it, no one likes going to the doctor. Unfortunately, it’s something we all have to do to maintain the longevity of our health. While some men may be in perfect health today, that could all change within the blink of an eye. That’s why routine check-ups are critical!

According to the Men’s Health Network, men are more likely to develop health problems such as: heart disease, cancer, miscellaneous injuries, stroke, suicidal tendencies, and HIV/AIDS. This can be tied back to lack of preventative care and health checks that screen for these diseases. If you ask me, that’s a big price to pay just to avoid a doctor’s visit.

So how often should men visit the doctor? The answer lies in your current age and health status. Typically, healthy men under 35 are recommended to visit as needed, as long as no problems arise. However, men who are over 35, or have health issues such as high blood pressure or cholesterol, should visit the doctor every 2-6 years. By getting a routine check-up every couple years, men can reduce the likelihood of developing those nasty issues I mentioned earlier.

If any of you tough guys are reading this, take a second to ask yourself when you last visited the doctor. If it’s been longer than recommended, take a second and make an appointment with our Nurse Practitioner, Diana Boyle. By making an appointment at our office, you’re saving yourself time and money! You’re not going to wait 30 minutes like you would in a normal clinic. We offer a personalized experience that is convenient for your schedule and your wallet.

Appointments can be made by calling our office during normal business hours (Monday-Friday; 8AM-4PM) at 304-265-1288 or by visiting our website at WWW.GTCHDWV.ORG.

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