Fight Back With Food

National Nutrition Month is upon us and here at the Grafton-Taylor County Health Department we’re making healthier choices and we hope you are too!

We know how hard it is to make healthy choices, especially when things like Mexican food and ice cream exist. Because let’s be real, chips and salsa make the world go ‘round. Unfortunately, chips and salsa will also make you round. In addition to weight gain, an unhealthy diet can lead to future diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Also, your body can’t get the nutrients it needs if you’re constantly filling it with processed foods instead of fruits and veggies.

Next month, we’re fighting back against unhealthy diets and all the nasty things they bring with it. In our FREE nutritional training titled “Fight Back with Food” you will learn about effortless ways you can improve your diet and eventually, your life. These trainings will be held every Tuesday in April from 3:00-4:00 PM at the First Baptist Church in Grafton, WV.

Each session will be organized around a central topic. The first session covers diseases and chronic illnesses people can develop because of poor nutrition. The second session will teach participants about super foods and the nutrients contained in them. Third will be a lesson on common illnesses and ways to manage, prevent, or treat these illnesses through proper nutrition. Finally, our last session will cover healthy recipes and an interactive cooking session.

Did I mention all four sessions are completely FREE? The Grafton-Taylor County Health Department is sponsoring this event at no cost to you. If you’re interested, please contact Susan Bumgardner to register by phone at 304-265-1288 or by email at Registration for this training ends March 23, 2018. Don’t miss out, spaces are filling fast!

That’s all, folks! If you’d like more information about nutrition, feel free to contact our Nutrition Specialist Susan Jarrett or look for next week’s editorial in the Mountain Statesman! Have a great and healthy week!

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