"Spring Into Action"

Do you ever feel that you are simply too busy to eat healthy? Have you had to throw out produce wilting in your fridge because you didn’t have time to use it or you weren’t quite sure what to do with it? Do you find yourself quickly grabbing lunch from the nearest fast-food restaurant because you don’t have time to make a healthy lunch in the morning?

I ashamedly admit that I answered yes to every one of those questions.

Suffering from Ulcerative Colitis has made managing a healthy diet even more important for me and my family. Having a better understanding of how my body uses the fuel (aka food) I provide it and how processed foods can exasperate my condition has been an integral part of trying to keep my symptoms under control.

Thankfully, I am surrounded by knowledgeable and extremely helpful staff at the health department, who have helped me to focus more on meal planning and healthy eating. This simple step has aided me in reducing our family’s food budget, and has also eliminated the temptation of taking advantage of several less healthy, but more convenient meal options.

I still have much more to learn about meal planning and an even more desperate situation … how can I get my anti-greens 11-year-old to actually eat his vegetables? Thankfully, assistance is available and at the ready for the citizens of Taylor County.

The Grafton-Taylor County Health Department is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a FREE, four-week Meal Planning Workshop titled “Spring Into Action” during the month of April.

Where? Taylor County Seniors Center

When? Every Wednesday in April (5, 12, 19 & 26), from 2:45 – 3:45 p.m.

Cost? FREE! A complimentary preventative service provided by the GTCHD.

Occupational Therapist Susan Jarrett, MS OTR/L, CNC took feedback from her “Four Weeks to A Healthy Lifestyle Makeover” workshop held last September and designed this meal planning workshop with the goal of teaching the participants how to plan five days’ worth of well balanced, easy to prepare meals.

Susan has instructed me that there is no need to go to fancy, gourmet grocery stores to make the healthy meals my family needs. Her workshop will help to teach us how to use the local resources available to us and to makeover the meals we love so that they are not only good for us, but tasty too.

Each Wednesday in April Susan will have a specialized, one-hour session designed to help each participate learn how to “Spring Into Action”.

Session 1: Education On Food Groups And Nutritional Value Of Food; Introduction Of A Food Log And Relation To Food Groups.

Session 2: How To Schedule Meals, Once A Week Planning, Use Of Leftovers, Mindful Of Seasonal Produce, And Resources.

Session 3: Meal Plans – Participants Creating Meal Plans, Assistance with Health Meal Plan “Makeovers”

Session 4: Cooking Demonstration, Wrap Up, Evaluation

Throwing out wilted produce and buying unhealthy grab-and-go meals can end up costing you a ton of money, plus placing an added strain on your health and well-being.

Join Susan for this empowering seminar where she will show you how easy it is to fit healthy eating into your busy life.

To register, please call Susie at 304-265-1288 x107 or email her at Susan.L.Bumgardner@wv.gov by March 24. Space is limited, so please register today.

For more information about healthy living choices, please contact the Grafton-Taylor County Health Department at 304-265-1288 or visit our new website at www.GTCHDWV.org.

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